ELSIT Immigration Statement

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July 4, 2018

The Department of Equity, Leadership Studies and Instructional Technologies and its faculty at San Francisco State University, expresses urgent and dire concern for the thousands of children separated from their families as well as their parents/caretakers who are currently living in internment confinement due to inhumane “zero tolerance” policies and practices by the Trump administration that render irreparable harm.

As our country celebrates its independence, we urge our society and everyone to reflect on our core principles and values as a people and bear witness against the injustices inflicted on children and their parents as they cross the border to join our great nation.

We must remember that individuals crossing the boarder into the United States are often feeling persecution, abuse, and other travesties.  Inflicting more pain on children and people who have already suffered so much and at their most vulnerable and helpless point is inhumane, cruel, and callus.  

We are not alone in expressing our concerns. We join with others in the education and scholarly communities who are gravely concerned about the effects of the Trump administration’s policies and practices on the children and their families as they enter the United States.

As educators, we share the many concerns expressed by our colleagues and continue to agonize about the emotional as well as psychological trauma inflicted on immigrant children and their parents by Trump administration. Array of clinical evidence show that forced separation and detainment of children similar to the current practices at the U.S.- Mexico border can have life-lasting effects on their emotional development and overall well-being.

As faculty of Equity, Leadership Studies and Instructional Technologies Department we are dedicated to advancing social justice and equity as well as cherish the many layers of diversity among us. We believe in an inclusive nation that accepts those who desire to live in a free nation. We support the well-being of all individuals, and especially children. Therefore, we call on the Trump administration to permanently end internment of children and their families and immediately reunite the thousands of children who have been forcefully taken from their parents. 

Dr. Doris Flowers, ELSIT Department Chair