Alumni Testimonials

For over 30 years, the Step to College Program has served students from many backgrounds and experiences. Below are just a few examples of STC Program alumni and their accomplishments.

Roberto Ariel Vargas

High School: Mission High School
College: San Francisco State University
Degree: BA, MPH
Currently: Navigator. Community Engagement & Health Policy

"I really doubt I would have gone to college without Step to College, and without my vice principal-- Lupe Aravalos-- enrolling me in the program. I later had the opportunity to bring a Step to College program to the Real Alternatives Program High School when I was the Director of Student Support Services there, and together we sent dozens of under-represented kids to college".

Cynthia Cevallos

High School: Phillip and Sala Burton High
College: San Francisco State University
Degree: B.S. in Health Science
Currently: Healthy Start Coordinator

"I enjoyed my Step To College experience very much. The professor was great and she motivated me to want to move forward to college once I graduated from high school. Also, since it was an ethnic studies class, it allowed me to experience a type of course that I would be able to take in college. Once I entered SFSU, I looked forward to these classes."

Ausberto Beltran

High School: Mission High School
College: San Francisco State University
Degree: B.S. in Science
Currently: Engineer

"When I came to this country, I knew few words. One of those words was "window". As I struggled to get ahead in life and when others tried to put up barriers, the Step To College Program opened a window of opportunities for me.

As a Mechanical Engineer, companies, working families, and society have benefited from my contributions. Today, I can provide for my family and to charities, whose job is reach those that are without that window I had. I forgot; the IRS has also benefited a lot, but that's okay with me because I expect that my taxes are used for opening more windows".

Nestor Navidad

High School: Galileo High
College: San Francisco State University
Degree: BA
Currently: Manager, Learning Technologies & Design Genentech

"My experience in Step to College was both challenging and fun. My involvement in this program showed college is an attainable goal."

Maria Portillo

High School: Downtown High
College: San Francisco State University
Degree: Fashion Merchandising
Currently: Counter Manager for Estee Lauder

"Step to College was one of the best programs for High School students. I am so glad that i was given the opportunity to be a part of it. I was motivated by all the teachers everyday to become somebody and to never give up on my dreams. Being part of step to college made all the different in my career. Without Step To College I would have never made it to San Francisco State University. Also want to give thanks to Dr. Jake Perea who made this all happen."