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Selected Publications

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  • Okhremtchouk, I. Levine-Smith, J.* & Clark, A.* (2018). The web of re/classification criteria for English language learners (ELL) – a cyclical journey waiting to be interrupted: Discussion of realities, challenges and opportunities. Educational Leadership and Administration, 29(1), 1-13.
  • Okhremtchouk, I. & Clark, A.* (in-press). The politics of despair enabled by dysconscious xenophobiaism: A call to action on behalf of immigrants and their children. Taboo: The Journal of Culture and Education.
  • Okhremtchouk, I. S., & Jimenez-Castellanos, O. (2018). The Obama Administration, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and local school board politics. Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership
  • Okhremtchouk, I. (2017). The politics of schools and money: Building awareness about channeling practices for supplemental resource allocations to serve English language learners. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 25 (17). Link:



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Refereed Presentations

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  • Okhremtchouk, I.S., Levine-Smith, J.* & Jones, C.* (2017). An analysis of reclassification for English language learners (ELL) in California: Disparate criteria lead to disparate outcomes for students and educational entities. California Association of Professors of Educational Administration (CAPEA), San Diego.
  • Okhremtchouk, I.S., Sharp, J.C.* & Merino-Cruz, J.A.* (2017) A Closer Look at the Largest California Districts: Governance, Superintendents, Students and Communities. California Association of Professors of Educational Administration (CAPEA), San Diego.
  • Okhremtchouk, I. S., *Archibeque, R., *Clark, A., *Baca, E. C., & Sellu, G. S. (2016). Sentenced for Life: An Analysis of District Reclassification Criteria for English Language Learners in California. American Education Research Association (AERA), Washington, DC.
  • Okhremtchouk, I. S., Gonzalez, T., & *Manak, R. M. (2016). Arizona’s Teachers on Meeting the Needs of English Language Learners: From Language Pedagogies to Parents and Problem. AERA, Washington, DC.
  • *Archibeque, R., & Okhremtchouk, I. S. (2016). Overcoming Cultural Differences: Teachers’ Perspectives and Values in American Indian Reservation Schools. AERA, Washington, DC.
  • Okhremtchouk, I. S., *Archibeque, R., & *Baca, E. C. (2016). Political Dynamics of Schools and Money: Channeling Practices of Categorical Allocations for English Language Learners. AERA, Washington, DC.
  • Okhremtchouk, I. S., Sellu, G. S., Gonzalez, T., & *Manak, R. M. (2016). Teacher Readiness to Work with English Language Learners: California Context. AERA, Washington, DC.
  • Okhremtchouk, I. S. (2016). Why Equity Matters in "Turn White and Speak English" Political Climate: Educational Trajectories of Students Who Are Learning the English Language. AERA, Washington, DC.



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