ReRighting Education and Our Cause

ReRighting Education is a student-led effort that was conceived by San Francisco State University (SFSU) graduate students in the Equity, Leadership Studies, and Instructional Technologies (ELSIT) Department with the overarching goal of enriching student life and learning on SFSU campus. The student-leaders spearheading this effort are currently enrolled in the following ELSIT programs: Equity and Social Justice, Adult Education, and Special Interests. This student coalition is comprised of student-leaders who are actively serving SFSU student communities.

The identification of the need for ReRighting Education emerged organically from many in-and-out of class conversations that were driven by story-sharing around the student-led and student-centered causes that are central to the ELSIT Department and instrumental in establishing a strong sense for social justice. This firm desire to strengthen the SFSU student community and our educational experiences that extend beyond classrooms through addressing students’ many and multiple diverse needs is an effort to ensure that the academic climate at SFSU is not only educational, but also educationally just, and that it provides a welcoming inclusive environment for all and, especially, underrepresented, marginalized students.