M.A. in Education, Adult Education Concentration

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The Adult Education MA program is designed for graduate students who wish to pursue advanced studies in adult learning and educational processes. Program graduates work as leaders in a wide variety of contexts reflective of the diverse backgrounds and need for adult education higher education, in government/policy agencies, in literacy programs, community colleges, health care, law enforcement, business and industry, military, the workplace, community-based organizations, and many other settings. Our program is grounded philosophically using adult theoretical models of learning and social justice practices. This is an inclusive program that serves a diverse community.

Contact an Advisor

Dr. Ming-Yeh Lee | mylee@sfsu.edu

Dr. Doris Flowers | dflowers@sfsu.edu

Degree Requirements

Required Courses (12 Units)
ISED 706 Principles and Methods of Adult and Vocational Education 3
ISED 707 Planning and Funding Education and Community Programs 3
ISED 735 Seminar on the Adult Learner 3
ISED 736 Leadership and Policy for Community and Non-Formal Education 3
Research Methods (3 Units)
ISED 797 Seminar in Educational Research 3
Electives (12 Units)
  Units selected that reflect student’s individual goals. May be chosen from courses below or from other departments or colleges.
ISED 738 Critical and Postmodern Pedagogies 3
ISED 739 Education and Community Development: Equity and Diversity 3
ISED 740 Education & Globalization: Issues in Comparative and International Education 3
ISED 747 Culture, Language, and Society in Education 3
ISED 748 Culture, Cognition, and Power Issues in Education 3
ISED 781 Educational Praxis: Curriculum Development and Pedagogies 3
ISED 782 Practicum in Adult Learning 3
Culminating Experience (3 Units)
Code Title Units
ISED 895 Field Study 3
or ISED 898 Master's Thesis  

Admission to Program

Entry into the program is open to applicants with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and a 3.0 grade point average in the last 60 units of college course work.

How to Apply

Please review the Graduate Application Procedures for Admission.


If you have questions about the admissions process please contact the ELSIT Department at 415-338-1653 or email us at elsit@sfsu.edu.