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For full a description of all the ELSIT’s MA Degree programs, please see the University Bulletin.

Master of Arts Degrees

Credential & Certificate Programs

Credential holders may complete this program to become authorized as a superintendent, deputy superintendent, principal, assistant principal, supervisor, consultant, coordinator, or in other equivalent or intermediate level positions.

Students who have been offered administrative positions, meet the requirements for the five-year Preliminary Administrative Services Credential, and who need the Administrative Internship Credential are eligible to apply for the internship program. Entry into this program requires a request from the district office to the chair of the Department of Equity, Leadership Studies, and Instructional Technologies.

The Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program

Courses are 3 units unless otherwise indicated. On-line course descriptions are available.

Course Title Units
EDAD 713 Administrative Processes 3
EDAD 714 Practicum--Site Administration 3
EDAD 723 School Administration 3
EDAD 733 Curricular Leadership for Multicultural Education 3
EDAD 743 Educational Planning, Technology, and Evaluation 3
EDAD 753 Human Resource Administration in Education 3
EDAD 763 Law and Education 3
EDAD 774 Change Processes and Education 3
EDAD 784 Special Education Administration 3
ISED 797 Seminar: Educational Research 3
EDAD 892 Internship--Site Administration 3
Minimum total for Concentration in Educational Administration: 33    

Note: Although Internship Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program Students requirements are the same as the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential with the following option – with prior approval by the internship faculty advisor EDAD 822 may be substituted for EDAD 733; EDAD 823 may be substituted for EDAD 743; and EDAD 824 may be substituted for EDAD 753 for internship students only (all three of these replacement course are 3 unit courses).

Students develop and update skills and knowledge in Instructional Training Design and Development in order to advance to new positions in corporate, education, or public agency training departments.

Community Outreach Programs

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