Master of Arts in Equity and Social Justice Education

Take the next step in your educational journey! Enroll in the MA in Equity and Social Justice Education Program at SF State. Be a part of a vibrant community of educators from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Explore issues in equity and social justice education that are meaningful to you. We are dedicated to improving the lives of all individuals, and all of our classes reflect our commitment to addressing issues of race, ethnicity, class, ability, language, gender, and sexual orientation as they impact the ways in which children and adults learn and participate in our society.

Our MA classes in Equity and Social Justice Education examine a variety of theoretical, historical, and political perspectives on educational equity and social justice using an intersectional lens. A major component of this program is social activism. The pedagogies and teaching philosophies modeled in our classes are facilitative, interactive, and participatory, utilizing critical dialogue and reflection, class demonstrations, and simulations to gain insight into issues related to equity and social justice.

Program graduates work as leaders in a variety of settings, including PK-12 schools, colleges and universities, community service agencies, and educational non-profits. Visit our Alumni News page to learn more about some of our program alumni.

This MA program is offered in distance format—almost all courses are fully online.

Program Requirements

Core Courses and Program Requirements
Core Courses: 9 Units
  • ISED 717: Foundations of Social Justice Education (Fall)
  • ISED 747: Culture, Language, and Society (Fall)
  • ISED 715: Race, Class, Gender and Education Policy (Spring)
Research and Culminating Experience Courses: 6 Units
  • ISED 797: Seminar in Educational Research (Fall, Spring)
  • ISED 895 or 898: Field Study or Master’s Thesis (Fall, Spring)
Electives Courses: 15 Units
  • All elective coursework must be approved by your ESJE MA advisor.
  • Former SFSU multiple subjects and single subject credential students.  You can include up to 12 units of recent credential coursework as electives in the ESJE MA program, provided that you have not obtained a combined Credential + MA degree in another department.  Additionally, you do not need to submit letters of recommendation with your application.

  • All other MA students can take up to 6 units of elective coursework outside of the ELSIT Department.
  • Up to 6 units of upper-division undergraduate coursework can be applied towards the MA degree.
Recommended Elective Courses Units
ISED 716: Intersections of Race and Language in Education 3
ISED 718: Queering Education: Research, Policy, and Pedagogy 3
ISED 720: Education, Disability, & Race: A Critical Inquiry for Equity, Justice, and Liberation 3
ISED 725: The Educational Experiences of Latinx Students: An Equity and Social Justice Perspective  3
ISED 738: Critical Theories and Pedagogies 3
ISED 760: Crossing Borders 3
ISED 748: Culture, Cognition, and Power Issues in Education 3
ISED 770: Topics in Equity and Social Justice Education 3

Program requirements for students admitted prior to Fall 2023 to the MA in Education: Concentration in Equity and Social Justice are provided in the SF State Academic Bulletin.

Western Regional Graduate Program

The Master of Arts in Equity and Social Justice Education is part of the Western Regional Graduate Program, which enables students in 16 Western States and territories to enroll in this MA program as a nonresident, yet pay the lower California in-state resident tuition rate. For more information, please visit


Contact an Advisor*

ELSIT Advisors
Advisor Last Name of Student Email
Dr. Deborah Curtis A-I
Dr. Helen Hyun J-R
Dr. Doris Flowers S-Z

Admission to Program

Entry into the program is open to applicants with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and a 3.0 grade point average in the last 60 units of college course work.

How to Apply

Please review the Graduate Application Procedures for Admission.


If you have questions about the admissions process please contact the ELSIT Department at (415) 338-1653 or email us at